NARRATIVITY – How Visual Arts, Cinema and Literature Are Telling the World Today

Considering the importance of new narrative modes in the visual arts, literature and film.

Traditional narrative structure hit a wall–or rather it hit the glass of a kaleidoscope–in the 1990s, when art began to function as a kind of editing table on which daily reality could be remixed and recreated. Narrativity considers the importance of new narrative modes, looking not only at the visual arts but at contemporary literature and film, and the mutual influences between them. It tackles the question of narration–its ruptures and mutations–in an age of media culture and video games, where the ludic and interactive principle is an important element. Through reflections on time, duration and temporal protocols, which have taken on major aesthetic stakes, it seeks to reaffirm that the work of art is an “event” before being a monument or a mere testimony–an event which constitutes an experience. And, not least, it considers the artistic games and gambles allowed and forced by all this change.




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6.5 x 8.5 in.




50 b/w






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