IN FAVOUR OF TODAY’S ART – From the Object of Art to the Art of the Object

This book will provide all those interested in art history and aesthetics, as well as contemporary art and design with a philosophical and historical approach to the understanding of the status of the object in today’s art. Whereas the object has traditionally been considered from the point of view of its relationship to man, in today’s art it has gained the full status of an artwork.
The purpose of the author is to examine modern and contemporary plastic experiences in art and design. This essay is a contribution to the debate on contemporary art, and criticizes the disillusioned approach of many critics and art historians and explores the transition from image to environment to installation in the history of art and the history of domestic objects.
An important contribution to the ongoing debate of modernism.
François Dagognet (1924-2015) is a French philosopher and science & technology historian.

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6.5 x 8.5 in.




21 n&b / color






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