HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A NOMAD IN A HURRY? evolution, hazard, hybridization, crossbreeding

Have you ever seen a nomad in a hurry? is an encounter between Gilles Clément, botanist, landscape gardener and writer, and Thierry Fontaine, photographer.

Both globe-trotters and fascinated by the evolution of living things and mutant landscapes.
The evolution of the human species takes place within an essential mechanism: global mixing. It concerns all living things. Plants and animals know this adventure. Today’s gardens reflect this dynamic. If they oppose it they die or
freeze in a museum figure. It is on this ground that the gardener as the photographer can see it every day by observing nature: a new scenography, the appearance of an unknown plant, the work of a spider or the trace of a marten, the landscape has changed: life always invents. And this invention is most often done by the miracle of the encounter. Gilles Clément

This title is part of the Dis Voir, Encounters Series. The idea behind the Encounters Series devoted to contemporary art is to let an artist decide which subjects he or she wants to discuss in the book. Each artist’s book therefore offers a specific experience in terms of content. In accordance with this principle, each artist chooses a person with whom he or she would like to share this exchange due to certain elective affinities. What is the idea behind this meeting? At the very least to have these works serve, in a certain way, as an artistic and political laboratory of the present.

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100 color








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