This script by  Peter Greenaway  follows Russian director Eisenstein to Guanajuato, Mexico, in 1930, where he worked for ten days on a never-completed film called Que Viva Mexico.

Eisenstein, the great and innovative Russian film director went to Mexico in 1930 to make a film about pre-Columbian peoples.
Whilst in Mexico this super-intellectual polymath, product of a powerful political turmoil, came face to face with sex and death, life’s two non-negotiables, and subject of man’s greatest fascinations. Aged 33, he was obsessed by a museum of corpses, and a child, victim of a mud-slide, died in his arms. And he fell in consummated carnal love with a man.
Here is an account of ten days that shook Eisenstein. He returned to Russia a changed man and a changed film-maker.

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