Medea is an original sound composition based on recordings of radio interceptions and field recordings compiled by Soundwalk Collective during a two-month journey by boat along the coasts of the Black Sea.
Equipped with radio scanners, field microphones and long-range antennae, and reaching into the countries of Turkey, Georgia, Russia, Crimea, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria, Medea embarks on a sound reading of a region of the world whose quivering beauty remains cruel and obscure, akin to the ancient Medea.

In this publication, the sound piece on CD is presented alongside a book of photographs by Stephan Crasneanscki and texts by Arthur Larrue.
Taken during the indistinct haze of the night, the photographs bear witness to the character of the regions explored. The text closely follows the unfolding of the journey and the making of the sound piece, in the form of a diary. The ensemble invites the reader to become immersed in the heart of a strange and disquieting universe.

Soundwalk is an international sound collective founded in the early 2000s by Stephan Crasneanscki and based in New York City.

This title is part of the Dis Voir, Zagzig Series.

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+ 1 audio CD, 38 color- n&b






6 x 8,25




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