NOTES, RECOLLECTIONS AND SEQUENCES OF THINGS SEEN compiles the extracts of RuizDiary written in Spanish – a nomadic mirror of the cineaste between 1993 and 2011 – which corresponds to a new stage in his life, when he was confronted with a major career change characterised mainly by more ambitious productions. With sadness he observed – in regard to the financing, gradually more difficult and chaotic, of his projects – the transformations in an audiovisual landscape moving further and forever from his dreams of a cinema which would be artisanal, non-industrial and of shamanic inspiration, on which he expounded in his Poetics of cinema. 

This selection of extracts from his Diary, gathered here by Bruno Cuneo and Érik Bullot – both friends of Ruiz – gives priority to his thought process, in which he developed the practice of his Poetics by laying down new conceptions of time, memory and ways to make cinema. “I shall develop the ideas from Poetics of Cinema (…) I’m trying to explain – to explain to myself – the functioning of fictions in the film. In what way they are structured to ensure, multiply and intensify the circulation of real and mental images. (…) Gradually, painfully, a new method of filming, radically different from all those in circulation, begins to take shape.” 

Raul Ruiz (1941-2011) was a filmmaker, a playwright and a writer. Born in Chile, politically engaged, he was first a key figure of the new Latin- American cinema. Following Pinochet’s military coup in 1973, he was forced into exile. After settling in France he made more than 100 films, creating a major œuvre in world cinema.
He was also the author of fictions and theoretical essays that have been published by Dis Voir in the «Cinema Fictions collection», his work launching it. 

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