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  Collaborating artists to Dis Voir (or referenced) and their website.  
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Picasso www.picasso.fr
Ray Man www.manraytrust.com
Robbe Hervé www.ccnhhn-robbe.com
Schneemann Carolee www.caroleeschneemann.com
Senakis Iannis www.iannis-xenakis.org
SOUNDWALK COLLECTIVE Stephan Crasneanscki - Dug Winningham - Simone Merli - Kamran Sadeghi - Jake Harper http://soundwalkcollective.com/index.php?/about/about/
Starck Philippe www.philippe-starck.com
Stockhausen Karlheinz www.stockhausen.org
Trémorin Yves tremorin.chez.tiscali.fr
Viola Bill www.billviola.com
Wilding Faith www.cyberfeminism.net
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